I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.






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Side By Side

I remember blue white sky
You laughing
The world was ours to burn
We walked along laughing

Then all at once you were torn away
I found myself alone
My ears turned deaf to the world outside
I weld myself unknown

I walk blind with eyes wide open
Seein' nothing at all
Lookin' to my left side, lookin' to my right side
Seein' nothing at all

Then all at once it occured to me
That you were gone, but you'll always be here
Even now with my eyes shut tight
I see, I see, I see

We are side by side

We walk through the seasons of pain, no fear
We walk through the cities of wrath
To the valley of heart-break, here we come
I'm feelin' fine on the frozen line

We are side by side

100 Miles

I want your blood
I want your blood
I want your blood

Give me your blood

You took a life, now
I'm takin' one too
You may think you're badder than bad
But I'm so much worse than you

I am the face of hatred
The rage of millions

Your death is gonna take a while
You're gonna drag one hundred miles

You'll scream for mercy
But mercy just turned his head
You can scream for whoever you want
But I'm draggin' you till you're dead

I'm goin' one step forward
By takin' two steps back

I'll be drivin' with a smile
You're gonna drag one hundred miles

The righteous
Half of hatred you'll see
Will be mine, mine, mine

You can wave at all the people
As you slide by
You can scream and plead and beg
But I'm draggin' you till you'll die

I am your black hand of justice
Your eyes of judgement

I'll be drivin' with a smile
You're gonna drag one hundred miles

Fuck Yo Mama

Hello? Is this on? Is this microphone on? There's a point of view I wish to ventilate at this time. It is? Alright then. Well, if it's on, then here I'll go...

You know there are days when your own ignorance rises to such a level that it pulls, even a civilized and cultured man like myself, till it caused and entertained a notion of knockin' all the teeth outta that empty head of yours. But instead of resortin' to such pedestrian means of expressin' modest pleasure I just roll down my window and say...

That's right. You've wanted to rely with lost and complacence. How could I let your stupidity waste the time of others? And that's why there's laws, and jails, and courts, and army's as law enforcement officers, to administrate and ensure that law and order are kept at all times. No doubt with your, ha-ha, alarming lack of self-control. You'd destroy everything in your sight. I miss the smokin' rubble of the ruined nation that you have perpetrated. You would see me laughin' at ya in the mess you've made for the rest of us to clean up. And you always leave it for someone else to clean up, don't ya? Uh-huh, I've been pickin' up after you all my life. Well, you know me...

I couldn't have said it any better myself. Ya say ya hate the world you live in. Room too small. Sky full of pollution. Garbage on the street. Your job does not stimulate that gargantuan intellect of yours. Although with your ponderin' and no sense of self-worth it probably does. Ya say ya feel controled and watched over, and that Big Brother mentality infuriates you. And you swear to some day break out and do something. Well, the powers that be, are the powers that be, because you are so easy to control, and are so in need of a dope supervision. Now, what's that? The subliterate leading the disfunctional? Ha, ha, ha. Don't tell me that you wouldn't switch places the first chance you got 'em. You're not seeking your freedom. You are just the kept, wishin' you were the keeper. Oh, no? Yeah, right! Let me know when you've evolved, you little dictator in waiting. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

Now, as a conclusion, let me say this: If I didn't have a sense of humor about all this, there'd be a lotta dead bodies pilin' up in this town. But, free or not, have an appreciation of history and a prayer for the dramatic. So I'll just watch ya self-destruct, and thank you kindly for your dollars that continually point to my off-shore accounts. Oh, and by the way, one last thing...

What Have I Got (Live)

I've got a wantless need
I've got a thoughtless mind
I've got a needless want
I can't unwind

I've got a heart that hates
I've got hands that like to break
They tell me: hold on
They never let me go

I am a clenched fist
Lookin' for a wall to kiss
I am a locked door, lookin'
For a foot to kick me to the floor

What have I got?
I've got everything
What have I got?
Nothing much at all

Self rejected, well protected
To lock up inside myself
To ever get free

Self-hated, frustrated
My hands turn to fists
Violence, so hard to resist, man

I get so mad
I do things that I regret
So stupid, so stupid
Not stupid enough to ever forget

What have I got?
I've got everything
What have I got?
Nothing much at all

Got no name, got no brain
Inside my hide I feel no pain
I got music poundin' in my head

Start lookin', stop lookin'
You better look out
I'm not feelin' too nice today

Can't be late, can't relate
Gonna take my time
Don't give me your hate
I got enough of my own

I can't stop, I can't start
It pulls me together
While it tears me apart
Just like that

What have I got?
I've got everything
What have I got?
Nothing much at all

Action (Live)

I'm drivin' alone, streets at night
Crime lights burn my eyes
I'm lookin' for some action

It's late at night, I drive mile after mile
People on the sidewalk shuffle
Lookin' for some action

Don't leave me here, hanging like a cloud
Waitin' for the rain to come
I'm lookin' for some action

I call my life, it was not home
It's out here on one of these streets
Searchin' for some action

Don't leave me here like a stolen car
Waitin' for the owner to come
Searchin' for some action

Yeah, in the night I'm searchin'

Yeah, it better come soon
Lookin' for some action

I like it here with the street lights on
Everyone's a loner when the sun goes down
Oh, that you know what I know
That what we need is some action

I don't want you to save me
Just turn me on
Let's let this night go on all night long
Yeah, turn me on
Yeah, it better come soon
Lookin' for some action

Thanks to Barry Toma for the transcription.