I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.






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Action (Live)...
I'm drivin' alone, streets at night
Crime lights burn my eyes
I'm lookin' for some action

It's late at night, I drive mile after mile
People on the sidewalk shuffle
Lookin' for some action

Don't leave me here, hanging like a cloud
Waitin' for the rain to come
I'm lookin' for some action

I call my life, it was not home
It's out here on one of these streets
Searchin' for some action

Don't leave me here like a stolen car
Waitin' for the owner to come
Searchin' for some action

Yeah, in the night I'm searchin'

Yeah, it better come soon
Lookin' for some action

I like it here with the street lights on
Everyone's a loner when the sun goes down
Oh, that you know what I know
That what we need is some action

I don't want you to save me
Just turn me on
Let's let this night go on all night long
Yeah, turn me on

Yeah, it better come soon Lookin' for some action