I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.

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1992 - Imago< - 7278725018-2

4NEXT TIME -live-7:12
Total Time24:48

TEARING-"It's a song about differences and how much it hurts not being able to do anything about it. I guess that's the way it goes sometimes."-Rollins-

GHOST RIDER-(Alan Vega/Martin Reverby)
Published by Revega Music, Inc. MCPS
Taken from THE END OF SILENCE sessions, Dover, New Jersey October 1991

EARACHE MY EYE-(Thomas Chong/Cheech Marin/Gaye Delorne)
Published by Rondor Music (London) Ltd.
Live in Sydney, Australia 5.22.90
"I think we all grew up with this song. If you were young in the seventies, it's like a folk song."-Rollins-

(There'll Be No) NEXT TIME-live-(Richard Berry/Joe Josea)
Publsihed by BMG Music Publishing Ltd.
From soundboard tape, recorded live in Lyon, France 3.2.92

Produced by Theo Van Rock
*Produced by Andy Wallace
Edited By Theo Van Rock

JOE COLE 4.10.61 - 12.19.91

Dave's Comments:

The only commercially released CD single from THE END OF SILENCE, this disc has a bunch of goodies: The full length version of GHOST RIDER, a cover of Cheech & Chong's EARACHE MY EYE, and a great live performance of NEXT TIME from a show in Lyon, France.

David Tenenbaum (04.07.98)