I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.

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1992 - Imago - IM28026-2-DJ

Total Time9:08

"Whether it's the heaviest jazz record in history or the most intricate hardcore document to date, THE END OF SILENCE is the unrelenting and uncompromising sound of outrage, and as frontman, Rollins is a primal scream personified."
-Rolling Stone, April 16, 1992-

"The Rollins Band is a post-everything, jazz-tinged, metallic combo that begins where the most exploratory (Black) Flag stuff left off and takes it out."
"...THE END OF SILENCE is the best Rollins work to date, arguably Henry Rollins' career high. The album is poised, yet horrific."
-Spin, April 1992-

"Rage has rarely had it so good."
"He could certainly teach a thing or two to the new generation of frustrated young rockers ..."
"...this is his crowning achievement."
-Los Angeles Times, March 8, 1992-

"Pumping shards of armoured funk and lacerated blues through the black veins of hardcore with no concessions to weak or ambiguous sentiment..."
-Melody Maker, March 14, 1992-

"The quartet of songs that open THE END OF SILENCE should be bronzed as examples of how good music can actually take over your head."
-Cleveland Scene, Feb. 27-March 4, 1992-

Dave's Comments:

A promotional single for radio play. The back of the booklet has a collection of critic's praise lavished on THE END OF SILENCE (see above).

David Tenenbaum (04.07.98)