I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.

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2002 - Sanctuary Records - 06076-84573-2

3FIX ME0:54
5I'VE HAD IT1:22
7ROOM 131:58
10TV PARTY3:33
14SIX PACK2:15
18WHAT I SEE1:55
19NO MORE2:12
21SLIP IT IN6:37
23MY WAR3:47
24NERVOUS BREAKDOWN (Bonus track)1:58
Total Time55:25

RISE ABOVE Vocals:  Chuck D & Henry Rollins + Nick Oliveri, Josh
Homme, Jim Wilson, Jason Mackenroth, Marcus Blake, Kira Roessler, 
Corey Taylor, Denny Harvey, Brad McDonald, Tim Armstrong, Lars
Frederiksen, Matt Freeman / NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Vocal: Keith
Morris / FIX ME Vocal:  Iggy Pop / I'VE HAD IT Vocal:  Cedric Bixler
Zavala / I'VE HEARD IT BEFORE Vocal:  Jeff Moreira / AMERICAN
WASTE Vocal:  Neil Fallon / SLIP IT IN Vocals:  Henry Rollins, Inger
Lorre + Dean Ween on outro guitar / TV PARTY Vocals:  Henry Rollins
+ Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme, Jim Wilson, Jason Mackenroth, Marcus
Blake, Kira Roessler, Corey Taylor, Denny Harvey, Brad McDonald, Tim
Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman, Tommie Vaughn, Ben
Kersten, Matt Petrich, David "Pappy" Donaldson, Sr. / JEALOUS AGAIN
Vocal:  Nick Oliveri / MY WAR Vocal:  Henry Rollins / THIRSTY &
MISERABLE Vocal:  Lemmy / ROOM 13 Vocal:  Corey Taylor / WASTED
Vocals:  Henry Rollins & Kira Roessler + Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme, 
Jim Wilson, Jason Mackenroth, Marcus Blake, Corey Taylor, Denny
Harvey / WHAT I SEE Vocal:  Chuck Dukowski / NO VALUES Vocal:  
Vocal:  Casey Chaos / SIX PACK Vocals:  Mike Patton + Henry Rollins, 
Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme, Jim Wilson, Jason Mackenroth, Marcus
Blake, Kira Roessler, Corey Taylor, Denny Harvey, Brad McDonald, Tim
Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman / POLICE STORY Vocal:
Ice T / NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Performed by:  Ryan Adams


MARCUS BLAKE: Bass on all tracks
JIM WILSON: Guitar on all tracks
JASON MACKENROTH: Drums on all tracks

All songs published by Cesstone Music. All songs written by Greg Ginn
except: "American Waste" by Chuck Dukowski; "I've Heard It Before"
by Greg Ginn & Chuck Dukowski; "Room 13" by Greg Ginn & Medea;
"Wasted" by Greg Ginn and Keith Morris; "Thirsty and Miserable" by
Robo, Medea & Dez Cadena; "My War", "What I See" and "No More"
by Chuck Dukowski

Ryan Adams accompanies himself (courtesy of Lost Highway Records).

Basic tracks recorded at Cherokee Studios LA CA May
2002 / Overdubs done at Cherokee and various studios
May - June 2002 / Basics engineered by Dee Robb and
Bruce Robb / Session engineers:  Ben Kersten, Matt Petrich
/ Guitar set up, sound and maintainance:  Mike Curtis /
Mixed by:  Clif Norrell at Skip Saylor's June - July 2002 /
Session engineer:  Bill Bennett / Mastered by Stephen
Marcussen July 2002 / Photos:  Henry Rollins, Mike Curtis /
Layout and design:  Rania Alomar / Produced by Henry
Rollins / Executive Producer:  Heidi May / Project
Consultants:  Sean E. DeMott & Bill Fold / Hook-up genera-
tor, all-level problem solver, 100% indispensable:  Mike
Curtis / Legal:  Gail Perry

JOE COLE 4.10.61 - 12.19.91


All of our great singers who sang so amazing and who were so generous with their time. Greg Ginn, Cherokee & the Robbs, Tommie Vaughn, Gail Perry, Richard Bishop, Carol Bua, Burk Sauls, Grove Pashley, Kathy Bakken, Lisa Fancher, Mark Leveritt, Lorri Davis, Joe Azar @ Goldmountain, Pat Carney @ Jeff Hanson Mgmt., Todd Singerman @ Singerman Mgmt., Jorge Hinojosa & Mark Dienger @ Caliente Ent., Greg Werckman @ Ipecac Recordings, Chris LaSalle @ Hellcat Records, Dave Sloan, Jay & Kim @ Room 13 Apparel, Rob "Blasco" Nicholson, Glenda Okimura, John Fenton, Nigel Kopp, Sharon Osbourne @ Ozz Fest, David Wolter @ Virgin Records, Frank Callari @ Lost Highway Records, Chris Carrol, Dave Leinhard @ Dean Markley Strings, Steve Dachroeden @ St. Louis Music, Bruce Mondial @ Adam Kopulsky @ Vintage Studio Rentals, Michelle Torres @ REMO and Mighty Marco Soccoli @ Vic Firth Drumsticks, Mitch Bury of Adams Mass, STREETWISE Marketing, Jimmy Pargas @ ADD Marketing, Marissa Marquez @ Red Bull and anybody else we may have forgotten.

There is not enough space

in this format for me to say the things I want to about Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin, otherwise known as the West Memphis Three and the scarcely believable situation they're in, or Steven Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore and their tragic deaths. Since there are more informed sources, WM3.org for example, I will concentrate on what will be effective here in this confined area.

I became aware of the case like many people, from watching the Paradise Lost documentaries that HBO released. The first one shocked me and made me upset. The second one made me mad. Damien, Jessie and Jason were found guilty of murdering three boys and sent to prison. I didn't agree with the verdict. I figured that to do nothing about that would be to align myself with the forces of injustice that got them pulled into this horrible situation.

One thing led to another and soon I was in contact with the West Memphis Support Group folks, Grove, Burke and Kathy, and the plight of the WM3 became personal.

What could I fo to help? I could send a check to aid in the boys' defense. That's nice but it's pretty quiet and I thought that what this situation needed was volume and motion. I tried to think of things to do and it always came back to a benefit record.

Benefit records are well meant but anonymous and boring to me. If I were to put one together it would have to be one-of-a-kind, a must-have. One morning at 0330 hours when I am at my best, I came up with the idea to make the record you now have. Like many brilliant ideas had at this hour, they fade with the dawn when sanity and an already daunting itinerary of things must be done come back on line.

Great idea but I'm too busy I thought. Then I thought about the ages of the WM3 when they went into prison and how old they are now. Mid-teens to mid-twenties. Those were some great years for me. I spent them all over the world. They spent theirs in small rooms with no natural light for something they didn't do. All of a sudden, my schedule opened up and I got busy.

First thing I had to do was see if I had a band to do this thing with. I called Jim, Jason and Marcus aka Mother Superior, aka 75% of the Rollins Band, and stated my case. They were on it immediately.

Next phone call was to Heidi May. I knew that to pull this off, it was going to take a lot of connections and literally hundreds of phone calls. That takes a certain kind of patience and tenacity that I don't possess. Heidi's got truckloads of both. She had to do this thing with me. Luckily, she was clear and immediately installed herself at my office and plunged in.

We made a wish list of singers to be on the record. Some were easy to contact. Keith Morris, one phone call, he's in, he's got ideas for other singers, some of them are on this record because he suggested them. Right after that call, our road went from uphill to almost vertical. Some managers don't want their singers on stuff where there's no money for them. Their clients are too busy we were told. We told the managers that the songs were only ninety seconds. Too busy. But the WM3 are fans of the singer and they've been salting away in prison for nearly a decade. Busy, busy, busy!

Heidi brings in Sean E and Bill Fold. Two guys who seem to know everyone. They sit us down and rip our wish list to shreds. They have suggestions, they have access, they are into our cause. Lucky us. An example: "Sean, we have been trying for weeks to contact Tom Araya of Slayer but his manager won't respond." Sean produces Tom's cell number. We call Tom directly. Tom enthusiastically agrees to help out. In three minutes we have arranged a recording date. I tell him that we have been contacting his manager nonstop about this. He says he never heard a word about it. Tom comes into the studio a while later and blows the roof off the place with his performance. Thanks for being so cool and amazing, Tom. Shove it, manager boy. And so it went.

Thankfully, not all managers were like that. And without exception, all the singers were 100% cool, generous with their time and amazing in their performances. The passion and intensity with which these people laid into these songs is off the scale. If I were Greg Ginn, I would take this record as the highest compliment ever paid to his peerless talent.

At the end of a lot of inspired work, we ended up with a record that is absolutely bulletproof. Isn't it great?!

Everyone involved from the engineers to the equipment companies who donated the goods, gave 100% and words cannot express my graditude. It has been fun being the ringleader in this great conspiracy against injustice. By buying this record, you join us. In a situation like the one the WM3 are in, silence is the enemy and apathy is death. So let's go.

Henry Rollins

For more information:

Devils Knot by Maria Leveritt

& HBO documentaries:
Paradise Lost I & II

Dave's Comments:

The musicians in the Rollins Band, also known as Mother Superior, provide the instrumental backbone for this phenomenal benefit record. In front of them, Rollins and and Heidi May put together a parade of great singers (detailed above) to deliver the 24 Black Flag tracks. If you're a fan of Black Flag, you need to buy this disc. An added incentive is that proceeds benefit the West Memphis Three, a truly worthy cause.

David Tenenbaum (12.18.02)