I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.

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2002 - Sanctuary Records


2On the Day3:35
3Up for It4:16
4What's the Matter3:32
7Hotter and Hotter3:32
9Stop Look & Listen1:42
10Ten Times2:41
11All I Want4:23
13One Shot3:01
14Going Out Strange4:07
16Thinking Cap6:55
17Get Some Go Again1:54
18Your Number is One5:09
Total Time72:06


1Gone inside the Zero3:57
2Nowhere to Go but Inside2:47
3Are You Ready?2:41
4Do It2:45
5You Didn't Need5:15
6I Want so Much More3:22
7Low SO4:48
8Always The Same2:11
9We Walk Alone3:56
10Marcus Has the Evil in Him3:35
Total Time35:17

Special Enhanced CD features 3 music videos in the QuickTime .mov format, extensive photo gallery and link to Rollins Band website

11Get Some Go Again Video2:18
12Illumination Video4:20
13Your Number is One3:43

All my musical heroes were great live performers. When I joined Black Flag, it was pounded into my head that the live show demands your best. We worked very hard in the practice room getting it together so there would be no "warm up" show. We went out there and wrecked it nightly.

The Rollins Band always prided themselves in being a top shelf live unit.

Andrew, Sim, Chris, Melvin, Theo took all this very seriously and they all delivered magnificently and consistently.

The commitment level to the live show had not diminished in our camp.

Pre-tour practice goes for about a month in a small room with no air conditioning. This tempers the stamina, getting us ready for the usual high quantity of low quality air and overabundance of heat, which is our usual low-ceilinged playing environment. By the time we get out there, we're not wondering if we can do it - we're wondering how you're going to keep up with us.

On the festival circuit and the occasional corny outdoor multi-band radio-sponsored charades, we open for many contemporary, multi-platinum, much lauded groups and we keep seeing the same thing. A lot of these bands can't cut it live. What an insult to a paying audience.


Management: Richard Bishop for 3 Artist Management
Legal: Gail Perry
Live Representation: U.S. - Pinnacle Entertainment, New York;
Rest of the World - Free Trade Agency, London


MIKE CURTIS - It's his world, we're only touring through it:
DARRELL BUSSINO - FOH sound, international sensation, connected
BRAIN BLUMEYER - Stage tech., has own mag light, will travel
SHAUN WILLMARTH - Merch. man supreme on loan from Wyoming
SIMON WELCH - Monitor engineer for the Chicago shows

About the making of this record:
We chose to record in Chicago for a couple of reasons. I really like the Metro as a venue. I did my first show there in 1982, I believe. The Chicago audience is 100% full-on. We brought out Clif Norrell to record. He has recorded and mixed this band for several years now.

To purchase or get information on Henry Rollins books, CDs, t-shirts and videos, contact: http://www.henryrollins.com
2.13.61 - P.O. Box 1910, Los Angeles, CA 90078

We taped analog and mixed analog. There were no overdubs made. A special thanks to Mike Curtis for helping us get such great guitar sounds onstage and in the studio.

We would like to thank you, our audience as our existence as a touring band depends entirely upon you.

-Henry Rollins

All songs written by Rollins Band / Be Drinkable Music (BMI)
Disc One - Track 1, 11, & 15: Men-O-Rok/ Archetext Music / Imago Music Inc. (BMI)
Disc One Track 5, Disc Two - Track 5 & 7: Rhythm Wreck / Wrack It Jams / Emaciated Music / 2.13.61 Publishing (BMI)
"Do It": MAM (ASCAP)
"Are You Ready?": Universal/Polygram Int. DBA Pippen the Friendly Ranger (ASCAP)

Executive Producer: Henry Rollins
Produced by Clif Norrell
Recorded by Metro Mobile, Glenview IL
Engineered & Mixed by Clif Norrell
Assistant Engineers: Timothy R. Powell, Dan Glomski, Skinner Ways
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering

Thanks: Our audience worldwirde, Chicao, The Metro, their staff, Nick Miller and Jam Productions, Carol and Darcy at 2.13.61, Richard Bishop, 3 Artist Mgt., Gail Perry, Dave Leinhard @ Dean Markley, Jeff Wilkes @ MET-Rx, Steve Riskin & Danny Zimmerman @ Paiste Cymbals, Richard Stockton & Jack Kontney @ Shure Bros. Microphone, Steve Dachroeden @ St. Louis Music/Ampeg Bass Amps/Dan Armstrong Basses, Marco Soccoli @ Vic Firth Drumsticks, Mitch Bury of Adams Mass.

JOE COLE 4.10.61 - 12.19.91

Track mixed March 2002
Skip Saylor Recording, Los Angeles CA
Mixed by Henry Rollins & Clif Norrell
Engineered by Clif Norrell
Assistant Engineer: Paul Smith

Dave's Comments:

It's my opinion that the best way to experience the Rollins Band is live, but a good recording of a live show is a close second. THE ONLY WAY TO KNOW FOR SURE gives you nearly two hours of a live performance that conveys some of the band's intensity. The setlist is mostly made up of material recorded by this band lineup, with songs from GET SOME GO AGAIN and nice, and their companion discs YELLOW BLUES and A NICER SHADE OF RED. There are a few favourites from the older days thrown in for variety. The intensity builds as the performance goes on, and I can imagine the crowd getting more and more into it as this happens. My only beef with this release is the mix: While you can hear all elements of the band quite clearly, to me it sounds a little antiseptic, lacking in some of the ambient sound and sense of space I like in a live recording.

As an added bonus, disc two features QuickTime .mov files of the GET SOME GO AGAIN, ILLUMINATION, and Your Number Is One videos, along with some images. All in all, if you like the Rollins Band live, this is well worth the listen.

David Tenenbaum (12.18.02)