I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.

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1999 - Buddha Records - 7446599690 2

31,000 TIMES BLIND2:57
10DO IT2:43
Total Time53:40

Andrew Weiss - Bass
Sim Cain - Drums
Chris Haskett - Guitar
Henry Rollins - Vocal
Theo Van Rock - Hands of Thunder Mix Messiah

Recorded 11/87 by Geoff Clout at Off Beat Studios, Leeds, UK, mixed by Ian Mackaye
Mastered 9/99 by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NY, NY
Produced by Ian MacKaye
All songs by Rollins Band except *
All songs published by:
Rhythm Wreck/Wrack It Jams/Emaciated Music/2.13.61 Publishing (BMI) except *
*Do It (Sanderson/Hunter/Rudolf/Alder) MAM Music
*Earache My Eye (Chong/Marin/Delorme) India Music ASCAP
*Next Time (R.Berry)-BMG Music

Cover art: Stephen Myers

Thank You: Ian, Geoff, Mitch Bury of Adams Mass.

JOE COLE 4.10.61 - 12.19.91

Life Time is the first studio record by the Rollins Band. We did our first practice on April 7, 1987 and went out on a long tour of America and Europe. On the road we wrote songs and got them put them into the set. By late October we finished the shows in London and went up to Leeds where Chris had a place to live and booked time at the same place that he and I did the Hot Animal Machine recordings a year before. I had no producer for this record and feared that since everyone in the band had strong opinions on how it all should be done that if we tried to do it ourselves we would do more harm than good. I called Ian MacKaye and asked for help. He got on a plane and came right out. That's Ian.

We got straight to work as we had little time or money. All twelve songs were cut and mixed in a few days. We would do a take and Ian would tell us that it was good and we were moving on. When someone would say that they wanted to do it over again, he listened patiently and then said asked which song we wanted to do next. We got it all done and dragged it back to America for about 3,200 dollars. My, how things have changed.

The album cover was drawn on the back of a diner place mat by Stephen Myers as a gift for my then roommate Laura. Only the offset reproduction of the piece remains as the original went with her when she gave up her room. She shot herself a few years ago.

The original CD release of Life Time contained only tracks 1-9 plus assorted live material to take advantage of the CD format. Tracks 10-12 were released as the Do It EP. The CD version contained additional live tracks. For this release I wanted to put all the studio tracks on one CD so you would have the complete session.

Special thanks to Ian for coming to the rescue on such short notice. Thanks to you for checking this out.

--Henry Rollins

Dave's Comments:

For the re-release of LIFE TIME, Rollins has reshuffled the material previously available on the original versions of LIFE TIME and DO IT. The re-release now contains the entire LIFE TIME session, including three tracks previously available on DO IT, and no live material. Sound quality is modestly improved, but it is not a huge difference. Of the three re-releases out at this point, I'm least excited by this one ... if you already have LIFE TIME and DO IT, there is no rush to get this CD.

David Tenenbaum (03.01.00)